Sands wished the smaller the may snow

Sands wished the smaller the may snow

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov made a daily briefing with journalists with a wish for good weather. On Friday, may 12, reports TASS.

“We wish all less snow in may”, — jokingly said the official representative of the Kremlin unusually cold weather, established in Central Russia for the last time.

So, in the Moscow region sharply colder last week, and starting from may 10 in the capital almost every day is raining with snow. The temperature at night when it is zero degrees and the day warmed up to about 5-10 degrees.

The Meteorologist noted that the Victory Day this year was the coldest since 1945: the temperature has risen only 4.6 degrees. In addition, due to bad weather in the capital on may 9 was cancelled, the aviation part of the Victory Parade.

On 11 may the head of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand has promised that the warming will come to Moscow region by the end of this week, and by the middle of next day temperature reached 18 degrees above zero. He also called be glad for the residents of some regions of Siberia, where the weather was hot and the air is warmed to 25-28 degrees, reports TASS.