Not all inclusive. How to save on summer vacation?

Not all inclusive. How to save on summer vacation?

The usual Mediterranean holiday on an “all inclusive” gradually appears and at our resorts.

Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze told the “AIF” how to save on summer vacation and not getting in trouble on vacation.

Elena Plotnikova, “AIF”: the Situation with Turkey I like to go there, but there are different rumors — charters though no longer fly, the possible political instability. Will not shut this direction again?

Maya Lomidze: After distribution, the media data on the likely suspension of Charter flights between Turkey and Russia, the demand among Russian tourists has fallen dramatically. However, no return tickets, as people are just waiting for clarity. But, once the tourists realized that the Charter is not canceled and after the last in Turkey’s referendum, there are no clashes on political grounds, the demand is fully resumed. This particularly shows in the choice of tourists in the past may holidays: Turkey is the leader among foreign destinations. While the situation in the region stable, and tours there for the summer season and velvet will buy.

However, we cannot say that the Russian tourists in Turkey more than in the Crimea and Sochi. Domestic resorts are always in a numerical figure was ahead of Turkey. Yes, with regard to organized recreation, where the winner is Turkey, as even independent tourists prefer to this country to take trips — it’s faster and cheaper. And in the Crimea and the Krasnodar territory mainly go for independent booking. In the end, every year the number of domestic tourists in the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai 25% larger than in Turkey. For comparison: in Krasnodar territory rested in the past year, 15 million Russian tourists to Turkey in the best years traveled 3.8 million

Media name different dates of “opening” of Egypt. What to believe?

— Continued date of opening of the Egypt is unknown. And enable unknown sources, subjective. It is unclear where they get information. We, the representatives of the industry do not know about it before the decision is taken at the level of the government.

“Stars” is not enough

Tour operators acknowledged that the hotels “five stars” on the black sea resorts lose in competition with Turkey. Is that so?

— You need to understand that the hotels in Russia and Turkey have different requirements. These are two different format of the rest that are difficult to compare. It’s difficult to compare a five-star hotel in Paris and “five stars” in the Maldives. They will also vary significantly. No one says five star hotels in Paris are bad. “Five stars” in Turkey is its own huge area, garden, private beach, water Park and several pools on site. We have the same “five stars” is only a property of higher level and, consequently, high prices.

— What you need to do to bring our hotels up to the level of Turkish?

— The usual Mediterranean holiday on an “all inclusive” gradually appears and at our resorts. Some operators are building hotels with large grounds, gardens, parks and pools. Others take the hotels in the management and also trying to build a system that is different from the traditional. But to fully rebuild all hotels impossible. In Turkey, in order to build the entire hotel system, entrepreneurs are exempted from taxes, gave loans at low interest rates and state guarantees. We also support the state program in the hotel industry there.

The lessons of economy

— Last minute — already a myth or still a reality?

Summer tours will be sold at reduced rates. But it is clear that tourists can offer is not quite the place where they wanted to go. And now to predict the time in which it will be possible to purchase last-minute tour in the summer, impossible. Last minute deals in June will cost less than in August, because July 15 is the price increase. Any offer before this date will be cheaper than after.

— Where cheaper to fly?

— You can find cheaper options in the Crimea and the Krasnodar region, especially in small resort towns. By the way, while there is a slowdown in sales in Saint Petersburg, therefore it is advisable to consider this direction in the country. Consider, for guests of Cyprus and Malta. There you can find cheap tours. And don’t forget that our country has many interesting places that are somehow not yet appreciated by the tourists. This Vologda oblast, Tambov, Tatarstan (not only Kazan, but also Elabuga).

Always with you

— Advise tour operators abroad always carry your passport with you. Why? Just stop to check?

To stop can, if you have violated local rules. Better, of course, before you travel to see them. But, of course, when you are in another country, can happen anything. And to help in many cases, you can only police. It is clear that she needs to know who she is dealing with. If you are uncomfortable to carry a passport, take a copy of it or a voucher from the hotel. With their help, you will be able to prove to local police that the passport you have and it lies in a particular hotel.

— What to do if you’ve lost your passport abroad?

— You should immediately contact the Russian Consulate in the country where you are to get a temporary passport, which you will be able to return to Russia. At the Consulate, the tourist will need to confirm your identity for a regular passport, driving license or other documents, which has his photo and full name. Therefore, it is better to take a Russian passport or a copy of it. If there is no documents needed the testimony of two citizens of the Russian Federation, which confirm your identity.