Named the five deadly dangers of Mars

Named the five deadly dangers of Mars

The person on Mars can die from five major causes: low atmospheric pressure, hypoxia, cold, abrasive dust and radiation. A study presented by planetary scientist Pascal Lee of NASA at the conference “People on Mars”, held in Washington (USA). About it reports the edition

Immediate danger to persons on the surface of Mars, is a low atmospheric pressure (about one hundred times smaller than the earth). In the absence of protection to human blood in such circumstances will “boil” (dissolved gases will form bubbles). Die from it within a few seconds.

The danger is hypoxia. The atmosphere of the red planet for 95 percent of carbon dioxide. Trapped without oxygen a person will die within a few minutes.

In third place is the cold. Summer near the equator the temperature at the surface of Mars can reach 21 degrees Celsius, but at night it is much lower, about minus 62 degrees. To die from this cold for a few hours.

The near-surface layers of the atmosphere of the red planet contain a lot of abrasive dust. Has accumulated in human lungs, they can cause death in a few weeks.

The fifth biggest danger — radiation. Mars has no magnetosphere of its own, bringing high-energy cosmic rays and particle fluxes from the Sun is able to kill a man for a few months.

Earlier at the conference “People on Mars” astronaut buzz Aldrin, who along with Neil Armstrong made the first ever manned landing on the moon, recommended that NASA abandon the ISS in favor of a Mars program.