Lavrov said about the attitude of the tramp on the normalization of relations with Russia

Lavrov said about the attitude of the tramp on the normalization of relations with Russia

Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU — Russia leaves it to the discretion of the President of the United States Donald trump and his team a question about the formats of bilateral relations and is ready to move in so far as it is comfortable the new White house administration, said the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We know that the Presidential Commission was a useful tool, but considering that now the new administration, we leave it to the discretion of Donald trump and his employees the question of what forms the relationship with Russia develop. Donald trump in a meeting yesterday at the White house confirmed his attitude — he then it and tweeted it — on the normalization of relations,” Lavrov told reporters in Alaska on Friday.

“We will be ready to act to the extent and as quickly as it will be convenient for the administration, which still forms the team, including foreign policy”, — he said.

According to him, during the meeting in Washington, he and trump have not touched the question of the resumption of the presidential Commission, whose activities were suspended by the Obama administration.

Russian foreign Minister also said that during the visit were not discussed and the sending of observers of the United States in areas of de-escalation in Syria. “We haven’t discussed. We said we would welcome any U.S. contribution to the implementation of this concept, especially because originally it was Donald trump talking about the creation of pockets of safety where people can breathe freely”, — said Lavrov.

“We are now holding contacts with potential participants in this process (observation of zones of de-escalation — if), I expect that some time will be able to more specifically discuss this with our partners”, — he said.

He recalled that in the Memorandum, which was signed in Astana, stipulates that “to ensure the functioning of these zones can be attracted observers from third countries, of course, in consultation with all stakeholders, and it must be, above all, acceptable for the Syrian government.”