Khabarovsk rescued a young husky that had fallen into the well

Khabarovsk rescued a young husky that had fallen into the well

“She was barking, then started to cry,” the witnesses of the rescue dog who fell into a pit.

The night before the animal of the Far East asked the experts the duty of Khabarovsk. According to them in the well on an abandoned plot failed husky.

— A local resident noticed the unfortunate dog in the morning and raised the alarm. He called all departmental services, as within a few hours the dog did not cease to moan piteously calling for help. To us an urgent call was made at 5 PM, after which we, without hesitating, turned to our hunter Plato, who not for the first time rescues animals caught in a difficult situation, — told “KP-Khabarovsk” Natalia Kovalenko, the representative of the “Zoozaschity-DV”.

Activists arrived on the territory of abandoned land, about seven o’clock in the evening. Almost all day the poor dog was trapped and couldn’t get out. Desperate, she did not scream, apparently, strength was gone, and she had lost all hope of salvation.

The depth of the well into which she fell was shallow, a meter and a half. The most terrible is not this, and the fact that all this time she was in the cold water from recently melted snow. So, wet four-legged friend about 10 hours of shaking in the filthy water.

— I tried first to pull her over the withers of the hand, but she used to bite and turn out, moreover, moisture from the dog became even harder. After I decided to install the boards in the well that husky on this design is still out of the woods — said Plato, the activist animal rights activist.

Poor dog, being in such a situation and after spending half a day in prison, ceased to respond to help. At the time of rescue he did not growl, not moaning, just trying to bite strangers.

To pull accident, I had to resort to another method. Using loops, I pulled her out of the pit of the neck. Shuddering and exhausted dog was on the loose. He shook himself and ran even said thank you — said Plato.

The history of the rescue dog does not end there. The animal later found out that the owners like the huskies are looking for their pet. Called them, but it turned out that the huskies never got to her house. Waiting for her was looking for and had hoped.

In one of the social networks we published a post in which he asked all residents of Khabarovsk to assist in finding the husky. Her name is Perry, she’s only two years.

Publication of accident KHABAROVSK / Everything ??? (@dtp_khv) May 10 2017 4:28 PDT

Then we received a message that a similar dog pulled from the well, but after he ran away in an unknown direction. We did not despair and believe that all will be well. The world is not without kind people. And so it proved. This morning our girl found and gave. Now she feels good caring citizens and cared for her and kept in good conditions — shared good mistress husky.

Perry now feels fine, however, from nervous shock has still not recovered from the owners prefer not to move.