In Venezuela, packages of excrement equated to a biochemical weapon

Chief judicial inspector of Venezuela, Marielys Valdes called feces, which the opposition throws the police, a biochemical weapon. It is reported Today online.

“It’s biochemical weapons (…) the Use of biochemical weapons is a crime and involves serious punishment,” she said.

We are talking about banks and bags filled with excrement, which the protesters throw at guards, used against them rubber bullets and tear gas. According to valdés, “the use of chemical weapons, in this case human and animal excreta can lead to pollution of the environment, particularly water.”

From the beginning of April in Venezuela escalated the political crisis, almost every day in the country held a protest. Residents dissatisfied with the economic situation require to call early elections. As notes “Interfax”, in clashes between demonstrators and police, 39 people were killed and over 750 were injured. In addition, police arrested more than 1.3 thousand people who are on the side of the opposition.