In Mexico shot looking for stolen children, human rights activist

Miriam Rodriguez Martinez

In Mexico shot a human rights activist, who engaged in theft and drug cartels children. About it reports The Independent.

The crime occurred in the capital, Mexico city. Miriam Rodriguez Martinez lived in the San Fernando known dysfunctional criminal situation. According to the police, the woman tried to escape from the criminals. She was shot several times. The human rights activist died on the way to the hospital.

Five years ago, Martinez’s daughter Karen was kidnapped and killed by gunmen of a drug cartel “Los Zetas”. The woman managed to obtain the arrest of the killers of his daughter, but then started to receive threatening letters. However, Martinez was not scared. She created the organization for the search for abducted children. At the moment it currently has more than 600 families searching for relatives allegedly abducted by drug cartels.

“Los Zetas” have repeatedly tried to deal with the activist and her family: so, they planned to kidnap her husband. He was rescued by soldiers, bystanders. After this incident, Martinez asked the police to give her protection, but she only agreed to change the route of the patrols so that they are three times during the day past her house.

“Los Zetas” — the largest drug cartel in Mexico. Militants to recruit from among the deserters from the army special forces. The members of the cartel are known for their ruthlessness, actively use torture and exemplary punishment.