Dmitry Medvedev called the successful results of the heating season


RIA Novosti

Winter heating season as a whole is completed successfully, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Problem are debts for fuel and energy in excess of 210 billion rubles.

At the government session on Thursday has considered the results of the next heating season. However, he finished far from across the country, and in some regions the heat in the house even had to file again because of the low temperatures.

“Despite the fact that the weather this year, we were spoiled and, frankly, continues to be anomalous in a number of regions, generally winter season we were confident enough, – the head of the Cabinet of Ministers. – Even in challenging regions where the risk of power outages was quite high, people were provided with warmth and light and significant incidents have happened.”

If an emergency did arise, then they promptly did. “Major outages were avoided, and the number of accidents has considerably decreased, – Medvedev stated. But this does not mean that the issues of accident-free work you need to do less.”

Already, the Ministry of energy and Ministry of construction and housing, will begin preparations for the new heating season with a view to make the number of outages of houses from the electricity and heating as little as possible. “In kindergartens, schools, hospitals and clinics should be a special regime of control,” admonished the Prime Minister.

A day earlier, the Prime Minister approved the procedure for assessment of readiness of the electricity industry for the heating season. Monitoring will be conducted throughout the year in an automated manner based on data of enterprises. In addition, the assessment will be conducted based on the findings of the readiness or unreadiness of equipment and personnel during periods of peak load. The first reports on the readiness of public utilities for the cold Dmitry Medvedev waits in September. A report on the fuel reserves in the regions and in the power generation plant shall be provided until September 15.

Also, the ministries, the question is how to solve the old problem of debts utility companies before the enterprises of fuel and energy complex. “Now it is over 210 billion rubles, – said the head of government. The figure is rather big. It is necessary that the Ministry reported to your suggestions on how to resolve this issue.”