Demanded two million rubles Omsk citizen accused in a fictional hostage-taking

In tyukalinsk district of Omsk region will appear in court a local resident, who the evening of March 14 called the police and said that it took in hostages of visitors of the house of culture. About it reports a press-service of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The caller demanded the authorities two million rubles and the plane, threatening otherwise to kill all the captured people. Arrived at the Palace, the police did not see any hostages. Soon guards managed to detain the suspect. It was them 22-the summer inhabitant of the village Beloglazova, previously convicted for car theft and robbery.

The case was initiated under article 207 of the criminal code (“Knowingly false report about an act of terrorism”). The guilt, the suspect is fully acknowledged. He stated that he wanted to make sure enough to effectively police.

April 3 at Pulkovo airport detained a man who threatened to blow up the plane. EN route from Moscow to Kaliningrad liner due to poor weather was forced to land in St. Peterburi that aboard the 58-year-old native of Dagestan reacted to the word “explode”.