British schools have seized hundreds of knives and samurai swords

British schools have seized hundreds of knives and samurai swords

The police in England and Wales for two years withdrew from schools of more than 2.5 thousand units of weapons, including samurai swords, axes and nail guns.

According to a report by Press Association, for the last two years in these schools were detected in a total of 2579 weapons.

According to local police, about 20% of the seized weapons were knives and swords. In addition, schools found at least 26 units of air guns and fake firearms.

In one of the schools also found a police baton and a 38-inch metal rod.

Among the owners of confiscated weapons at least 47 children under the age of 10 years.

“Lately we see more and more young people with knives, and that’s unsettling. To overcome this trend, we identify those who are in possession of weapons illegally, and work with retailers as part of a nationwide operations to reduce the sales of knives juvenile,” said a member of the National Council of chiefs of police, Alf Hitchcock.

According to the Secretary General of the Association of heads of schools and colleges, Geoff Barton, educational institutions “work closely with the police to protect and to educate students, and in some cases in schools cops”.

He also added that in some schools installed metal detectors, and in case of detection of weapons, students apply strict disciplinary measures.