Assad claimed Syria on a multibillion-dollar compensation

Assad claimed Syria on a multibillion-dollar compensation

Moscow. May 11. INTERFAX.RU — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes that Syria has the right to compensation for the destroyed as a result of prolonged internal armed conflict of the country, however, sees a real opportunity for this.


“With regard to compensation, then all the Syrian people has the right to demand a multibillion-dollar compensation,” — said Assad in an interview to the Belarusian TV channel “ONT”.

However, according to him, “these requirements must have the recipient”. “But this requires international legal institutions, but today the trend is that international law is no respect. There are only institutions controlled by the US state Department,” — he said.

“We are now able to rebuild their country. The money will gradually appear. But we don’t need the money of those countries which supported terrorism and shed Syrian blood during the crisis”, — said Assad.

The Syrian President also said that the story about the gas attack in Idlib province is just a cover for US military intervention. “Had (the West — Interfax) to elect a different tactic is to demonize the Syrian government in front of Western public opinion to get support for military intervention”, he added.

Assad believes that U.S. President Donald trump with the help of a strike on Syria had decided, in particular, domestic tasks. “Trump, as you know, is in a quandary. Inside his administration many conflicts, also conflicts with the media. And so he is trying through a military operation in Syria to present his credentials to these groups,” said the Syrian President.

He believes that the initiators of the anti-Syrian information campaigns actually whitewash the terrorists of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia). “By supporting these organizations (act — if), directly or indirectly, the initiators of the campaign wanted to demonstrate that it is not ISIS killing people in Syria, and the government cracked down on civilians using a sarin gas attack,” — said Assad.