UK Russia extended the term of investigation on fraud Boronenkov


RIA Novosti

The term of investigation of criminal case concerning the murdered in Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov of fraud was extended until 24 July, reported RIA Novosti a source close to the investigation.

“The term of investigation of criminal case against Denis Boronenkov on charges of fraud in especially large scale committed by an organized group, and the organization of falsifying the Unified state register of legal entities was extended until July 24,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Lawyer Boronenkov Andrey Grivtsov RIA Novosti has confirmed this information.

“The investigation period in relation to Denis Boronenkov extended for another three months,” said the defender.

The investigation claims that Voronenkov participated in the Scam with raider capture of the building on the street International in Moscow, in which fraudsters using forged documents was dismissed from the post of the founder of the company Tom — the owner of the structure and was appointed to his person. Then, according to the investigation, Boronenkov offered to buy the building Victor Kachura, who, knowing what is involved in the Scam, agreed. The resulting building market value 127 million roubles has been sold six times cheaper for 20 million.

SK the Russian Federation believes that Voronenkov financed the fraudulent scheme, gave instructions to the partners and personally supervised the process of illegal change of the head of the company “Tom”. According to the investigation, Ukraine former member left it out of fear of being prosecuted.

Voronenkov was killed March 23 in the center of Kiev. His bodyguard, a member of one of the Ukrainian secret service, shot and wounded the alleged murderer, who later died in hospital. The interior Ministry said that the killer had accomplices.

From Russia to Ukraine Boronenkov, along with his wife, also a former Deputy of the state Duma Maria Maksakova went last year and soon got citizenship there. He explained that political reasons.

After moving to Kiev, Boronenkov made a number of loud statements on Russia’s political life testified to the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine against former President Viktor Yanukovych. At the same time and Boronenkov, and Maksakova said that to vote in the state Duma of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, they supposedly made. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied these allegations and noted that voting was voluntary.