Trump called an absolute lie on his ties with Russia


© 2017 AFP / Nicholas Kamm

The US President Donald trump on Monday called an “absolute lie” the reports about his ties with Russia.

“History of relations of Russia and the tramp — an absolute lie. And when will this charade of taxpayers ‘ money?” — he wrote in his Twitter.

The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) may 8, 2017

He also noted that the former Director of national intelligence James Clapper “has confirmed what everyone knows, including the fake media: “there is no evidence” of ties between Russia and the tramp”. The President noted that the former acting U.S. attorney Sally Yates “has done the fake media is very unhappy because he only brought up old news.”

Clapper Yates was speaking at a hearing in the us Senate about the so-called “Russian influence” on American elections. During the hearing senators asked Clapper whether the shares are still of the opinion that between trump and Russia was not and there are no ties. “So,” said Clapper.

CIA, FBI, and the NSA distributed a January 6 report, which once again accused Russia of “interfering in American elections,” but refused to provide any proof, citing the secrecy. While the report showed that U.S. intelligence agencies draw conclusions about the “secret operations of Russia’s influence on elections” by such sources as the reports on Russian television and writing in social networks. Almost half the report was devoted to RT and Sputnik, and data for RT were mostly five years ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about the accusations of hacking, claimed in the published data there is nothing in the interests of Russia, and hysteria-mongering to distract from their content. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called allegations against Moscow “completely unfounded”, according to him, such statements based on nothing. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called unsubstantiated statements by Washington about intervention of Russia in election campaign in the United States.