The Syrian opposition in Austria have given life for killing wounded soldiers

The Austrian court sentenced a Syrian migrant who has applied for refugee status, to life imprisonment. About it reports Reuters.

27-year-old refugee involved in a civil war in Syria on the side of the armed opposition. After that, he left the country. At the entrance to Austria he told the official translator, which he provided to the authorities that during the fighting in HOMS, he was killed with 20 wounded government soldiers. After the man was put on trial.

Despite assurances from the Syrians that he was misunderstood, the court sentenced him to the maximum possible punishment. According to the Agency, this is the first time the migrant, not being a member of a terrorist group, Austria pass sentence for killing soldiers of the Syrian government troops. Before there were convicted only of militants who fought in the ranks of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” (IG).

According to the Austrian interior Ministry, only in the ranks of the militants joined about a hundred citizens of Austria. The big resonance was received by history with disappearance in April of two girls from families of Bosnian immigrants. In farewell notes stated that the teenagers went to Syria to participate in Jihad. They were declared internationally wanted, but later the girls themselves contacted police and asked to return them home. One of them was killed during the shelling, the fate of the second unknown.