The Ministry of Finance has supported the program of ration cards


RIA Novosti

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has agreed in principle to implement the program of food aid to the poor. This was said on the sidelines of the meeting of the Commission for monitoring the implementation of the election program of “United Russia” the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

“We have an agreement with the Ministry of economic development. (Now approx. TASS), we supported the Ministry of Finance. Met with the Minister and our colleagues came to a consensus that this program deserves attention. Question in terms of implementation, and there remains the question of the sources (of funding for the program – approx. TASS),” he said.

He added that the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has fundamentally supported the food aid programme. “With regard to the sources (of funding) – the Ministry of Finance is working,” added Novak, Recalling that the program can be started not earlier than next year.

The food assistance program

A program of targeted food aid designed for the poor Russians who can’t afford “to buy fresh chilled meat, fresh chilled fish, fresh vegetables.” Thus, the cardholders can only purchase products in a particular category, primarily perishable products.

The program will only apply to domestic products and will be one of the measures to stimulate demand for their products. As explained TASS in the Ministry of industry and trade, card food aid to the poor will allow you to buy almost any Russian food products other than alcohol and tobacco.

The system of food aid to the poor will work on the basis of Bank cards “the World”. According to preliminary information, the monthly card will be credited with points that can be spent on the necessary set of products. The points not spent during the month will burn. With the card, you can withdraw funds, but, according to the trade Ministry, it can be replenished.

The program will be able to attend any commercial enterprise. The main requirement is that they must be connected to the Central processing system program that will administer one of the largest banks of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation estimated the cost of the program of food assistance to the poor and to stimulate consumer demand 300 billion rubles.