The Minister of defence of Germany has refused to resign because of the Nazis in the Bundeswehr

Ursula von der Leyen

The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen does not believe that needs to resign after the recent scandals in the Bundeswehr. The head of the Department said, responding to a reporter’s question Stern.

“I blame myself that has not done before this problem [of extremism in the armed forces of Germany] close. Now I realize that it was a mistake,” — said the Minister.

Currently, the office of the military counterintelligence investigates 280 suspected cases associated with far-right sentiments and reveals the existence of extremist networks in the Bundeswehr.

The defense Minister also stated the need to reform the armed forces of Germany, in particular, we are talking about the “redefining of traditional values and improving political education in the army.”

However, as Stern notes, citing data from the poll conducted by YouGov, the majority of Germans believe that Ursula von der Leyen is to blame for what happened in the Bundeswehr. 45 percent believe that one of the main problems of the armed forces of Germany considered the problem of extremism.

Von der Leyen is the head of the Ministry of defense of Germany since December 2013.

On may 6 Spiegel reported that in one of the garrisons of the Bundeswehr, located in Donaueschingen, was discovered by a window with steel helmets of the Third Reich and the trappings of the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

Three days before German investigators have exposed a cell of neo-Nazis in the armed forces of the country. The impetus for the beginning of the investigation was the incident with the military personnel of the Bundeswehr: it received the certificate of the refugee, and then tried to commit a terrorist act to worsen the attitude of society to migrants.

Guards found a gun that the man hid in the Vienna airport and then caught the criminal.