The media learned about the possible seizure of the residence of the American Ambassador in Moscow

The media learned about the possible seizure of the residence of the American Ambassador in Moscow

Russia may respond “mirror” on the removal of two suburban residences of Russian diplomats in the United States. This was reported by diplomatic sources, reports “Kommersant”.

“If a way out is found and after the July meeting, [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and [US President] Donald trump, the Russian Federation will seriously think about the introduction of retaliatory reflex action,” — said the source publication.

According to them, sanctions may affect U.S. real estate in Moscow.

The sources said that it is a diplomatic dacha in Serebryany Bor, the Road warehouse on the street, which belongs to the U.S. Embassy, the building of the Anglo-American school and the residence of the U.S. Ambassador’s Spaso house in the Arbat district.

As told “Kommersant”, Russia can impose sanctions against American diplomats. “For example, if we have 90 diplomats in the United States, though American in Moscow will be 90. In addition, now there is such a thing as shift workers: 100 employees of the state Department come to Russia for six months, after which there is a rotation. That is a great advantage for them,” — said the source publication.

The Embassy of the United States this information does not comment.

In turn, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told “Kommersant” that during his meeting with U.S. President Donald trump may 10, the question of diplomatic property of Russia in the United States “stands apart in the negotiations”. “It’s our property, which is confirmed as such by the official legal documents issued in the United States,” — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. He stressed that membership of the estates of Russia in the United States “does not deny”. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia stressed that the arrest of diplomatic property — “misconduct”.

Lavrov stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow “has every right to reciprocate”.

“Americans know how this reciprocity would look like, if it comes,” said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. He stressed that Moscow has decided “not to answer”. “As explained by Vladimir Putin, we don’t want to go on about those who are trying our relationship to suck into the funnel, from which escape will be impossible,” — said Lavrov.

Lavrov met with trump in the White house in Washington, Wednesday, may 10. As reported in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia and the U.S. President lasted 40 minutes. As said Lavrov, during the meeting raised the questions of relations between Russia and the United States, the unstable situation in the middle East, conflict in Ukraine and Syria, as well as future meeting trump and Putin.

At the end of December 2016, the then acting President Barack Obama imposed sanctions against Russia, closing access to the two country residence of Russian diplomats in new York and Maryland. The new restrictive measures Washington explained accusing Russia of interfering in the U.S. presidential election and the “systematic harassment” of American diplomats.

In turn, the foreign Ministry said that the White house, taking the diplomatic residence, violated international law and “went on the actual expropriation of objects of Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, which is our public property and possessing immunity.”