The French government resigned

The French government resigned

Prime Minister and new Cabinet members will be appointed at the beginning of next week.

PARIS, may 10. /Offset. TASS Mikhail Timofeev/. The Prime Minister of France Bernard Cazeneuve announced the resignation of his government to resign. This was announced by the Elysee Palace.

According to him, “the President of France Francois Hollande took note of a resignation submitted in accordance with the country’s Republican traditions, after the announcement today by the Constitutional Council the official results of the presidential elections in the country.”

Addressing Kasavu, Hollande said: “I welcome the actions that you performed during the 6 months as Prime Minister”. “I want to emphasize the personal contribution you have made when choosing measures that are needed to be taken within five years of my presidential term, in order to ensure the safety of the country”, — stressed in his statement the President, referring to the long-term work Kazneva as Minister of the interior.

Hollande gave the outgoing government to continue to perform their duties until the formation of the new Cabinet, which should appear early next week.