The EU Council adopted the decision on granting visa-free regime for Ukrainians

The EU Council adopted the decision on granting visa-free regime for Ukrainians

The Council of the European Union on Thursday, 11 may, finally approved the decision on granting visa-free regime to Ukrainian citizens. About it reports the UNIAN.

According to the Agency, the legislative act was adopted without discussion, in accordance with the agenda during non-core sessions of the EU Council for agriculture and fisheries.

The signing of the document by the presidents of the European Parliament and of the Council scheduled for 17 may. It will then be published in the Official journal of the European Union and after 20 days will take effect.

Commenting on this decision, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that “bezviz is much more than a simplified way of going abroad”. “This is a giant step in Europe, the assertion of human freedom and independence of our state”, — quotes words of the head of state

A day earlier, Ukrainian media said that the presidential administration has developed a plan for the celebration of granting Ukraine a visa-free regime with the EU. 11 may in all areas of the governors will have to give the order, and then personally raise the EU flag. Then a solemn March to the flagpole must be suitable unit of national guardsmen.

On 26 April, the EU ambassadors approved the granting of a visa-free regime for Ukraine. On 6 April a proposal of the European Commission supported the European Parliament.

The liberalization of the visa regime with the EU is one of the objectives of the foreign policy of the Kiev authorities. President Poroshenko has repeatedly promised that “bezviz” the country will receive in the near future, however until today in the European Union each time under various pretexts put off that decision.