Scottish cat obesity make weight for the contest

Scottish cat obesity make weight for the contest

An obese cat from Scottish Aberdeen, which once got stuck in the door for the cats reached the final of the competition on weight loss among domestic animals.

A cat named Pumpkin (“Pumpkin”), who are not indifferent to ice cream and chips — the only Scotsman in the club on losing weight PDSA Pet Fit Club..

“Help miaowt”: Aberdeen fat cat feline Pumpkin like losing weight for pet slimming finals @PDSA_HQ @PDSApressoffice

— BBC North East Scot (@BBCNorthEast) may 10, 2017.

Seven-year-old cat will compete with six other Pets from all over Britain, which include dogs, other cats and a rabbit.

Pumpkin weighs just over 10 pounds, he will need to lose 3.2 kg.

The next six months he will spend on a strict diet, performing exercise program.

The winner will receive a year’s supply of food and rest at the hotel, where you can live with animals.

Pumpkin and his sister Munchkin, excess weight not suffering, living with your 21-year-old a rented room with Chelsea Mullen childhood.

VIDEO: Chubby Aberdeen cat in final of UK pet fit club

— BBC North East Scot (@BBCNorthEast) may 10, 2017.

Chelsea said, both animals consume the same amount of food, but the difference is that Pumpkin almost all the time lies.

“A few years ago, Pumpkin was trapped in the door for cats. It was a great stress, it is jammed — I couldn’t move neither forward nor back. Since then he’s been avoiding her,” said the mistress.

“He is very friendly and loving cat, but he turned into a couch. His daily exercise consists of moving to the bowl of water and food and return to bed”, she added.

According to her, the Pumpkin loves the dry food and don’t mind to eat her ice cream and chips.

The main PDSA vet Fiona Gregge that will help Pumpkin to lose weight, warns that obesity among Pets is becoming a more serious problem.

“Excess weight can pose serious health risks and lead to reduction of lifetime, as well as dangerous diseases, including arthritis, diabetes and heart disease,” she says.