NASA is encouraged to abandon the ISS

NASA is encouraged to abandon the ISS

Astronaut buzz Aldrin, who along with Neil Armstrong made the first ever manned landing on the moon, recommended that NASA abandon the ISS in favor of a Mars program. The proposal of Colonel USAF retired sounded at the conference “People on Mars”, held in Washington (USA). About it reports the edition

Initiative Aldrin is associated with the need to increase funding for the Mars mission, funds which could be diverted from the ISS program.

We have to go to the ISS as quickly as possible. We just can’t afford to spend $ 3.5 billion a year.Buzz Adrenosterone

Astronaut believes that instead of NASA projects in earth orbit should engage private companies, for example, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, Boeing, Bigelow Aerospace and Space Axiom. Aldrin also advocated cooperation with China, which in early 2020-ies plans to create a national space station.

A retired Colonel spoke for the creation of the tug intended to transport cargo and people to the moon and back, a manned mission to a near earth asteroid (in 2020) and the passage of Venus (in 2024). In 2030-ies, according to him, Mars must begin the deployment of a permanent manned base.

Currently, the ISS funded by NASA, Roskosmos, and their partners. In 2024 the planned elimination of the station, however, it is possible extending its service until 2028. A decision on this matter must be made in the next three years.

“If the ISS partners decide to terminate the operation in 2024, we’ll just adjust our plans for this solution. So nothing drastic, if 2024 will be as a milestone for the ISS, I do not see” — commented on the proposal Aldrin “National news service” member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky Alexander Zheleznyakov. The expert notes that before 2024, NASA will leave ISS.