Milon wanted to deprive Sokolowski Internet and isolate it from society

Vitaly Milonov

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov believes the sentence blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, who caught the pokemon in the Orthodox Church, too soft. His statement was published by RT on Thursday, may 11.

“I give him ten years forbidden to approach the Internet as well as to go to any social events. Let sit handle domestic Affairs,” — said the MP.

In his opinion, Sokolowski is the organizer of “serious troubles”. “This is a man who systematically tried to humiliate millions of people,” — said Milonov. At the same time, the politician expressed the hope that the blogger will be corrected.

Earlier Thursday, it was reported that the Verkh-Isetsky court of Yekaterinburg Sokolowski was sentenced to 3.5 years of probation. He was found guilty of inciting hatred or enmity, and with insulting the feelings of believers and the illicit trafficking of special technical means (during the search he found a pen with a video camera).

Last summer, 21-year-old blogger posted on the Internet a video in which he plays Pokemon GO during the service in the Temple-on-Blood in Ekaterinburg. After the publication of the video against him was prosecuted.