In the EP called the tax on small families inappropriate


RIA Novosti

To impose a tax on small families is impractical, as in the state need the support of young and large families, says the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on family, women and children, coordinator of the party project “United Russia” “Strong family” Olga Okuneva.

Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported that the Director of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yury Krupnov has written to Russian President Vladimir Putin the draft concept of the Federal law “On the status of large families”. According to the publication, the document provides for the placing of the activities of child-rearing to work, the right to free land with communications, as well as the introduction in Russia of the tax on small families.

“The state is interested in the birth of the first child. On the contrary, young families have less security, because of this, they often make a decision about the children at a later age, when the family will gain independence. In need the support of young and large families”, — quotes Okunevo the press service of “United Russia”, adding that the politician has called the initiative “inappropriate”.

The MP also recalled that in Russia, each region independently determines what the family is large.

“For example, in the republics are considered to be large families where 5 or more children, in some regions — 3 and more, depending on the demographic situation. The legislation in this regard needs to improve”, she added.

Inefficient tax on small families and called the head of the social Committee of the Federation Council (“United Russia”), Valery Ryazan.

“The party does not agree with the punishment of having a small families or families without children… Believe that this measure is ineffective. We are always focused on the creation of all necessary conditions for families and people planning to become parents. This subject cannot be reduced to the solution of demographic problems. In Russia there are a lot of related activities. The party will continue to work in this direction. However, the proposal to introduce a tax, we do not support”, — quotes the words of Ryazan, the press service of the party.