In social networks told about kusasa children’s nanny from Omsk “Dwarfs”

In Omsk the investigators check to a social network of information that an employee of the kindergarten was systematically beaten by the inmates of the nursery “the Pygmies.” This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee of Russia.

Also check the incident began in the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The beating of pupils nursery “Dwarfs” may 10, the group “PE Omsk” in “Vkontakte” reported Anna Volosovich. According to her, from 1 September 2016 children are systematically came in from the garden with abrasions, bruises, bumps on the head, bruises and broken lips. The teachers claimed that the injuries occurred during games or fights.

However, on may 6, one of the kids told his parents that during the quiet hours when the caregiver is absent, babysitter beats up kids. “Sleeping rolls on the floor, beating a pillow on the head, bites of children for body parts, trying to choke him. Each time it’s different the children and ways of infliction of bodily damage is also different,” — said Volosovich.

Of the pupils of the group cannot speak, but the older children were listed of those who were beaten. It is clarified that the parents of all the victims noticed a distinct deterioration of the mental state of children: aggression toward others, unwillingness to go to bed, panic while trying to put the child to sleep during the day.

In April, the Krasnoyarsk territory police have begun to verify the information that the naughty children of the kindergarten in the town of Kansk educators pricked stationery buttons. Needle marks and scars revealed almost the entire group.