In Russia there will be a TV show aimed at countering terrorism

In Russia there will be a TV show aimed at countering terrorism

MOSCOW, may 11 — RIA Novosti. Television and radio broadcasts, aimed at forming in the society a steady rejection of the ideology of terrorism are in Russia, is one of the measures aimed at countering extremist and terrorist activities in the country, said the assistant Secretary of the security Council of the Russian Federation Alexey Pavlov.

For the effective solution of this problem requires a comprehensive approach and engaging both public authorities and various institutions of civil society, academia and the business community, educational institutions, public and religious associations and mass media, said Pavlov.

“Currently, planned and implemented training activities for awareness-raising radio and television broadcasts, conduct interviews in their respective classrooms, social rehabilitation of the citizens who have served their sentences for crimes of a terrorist nature,” he said.

In addition, work is underway to prevent the infiltration of radical movements in religious education, detection and withdrawal from circulation of paper and electronic media containing extremist materials, training teachers, psychologists and social workers specializing in this field, public opinion monitoring etc., with a focus on working with young people most affected by the influence of radical ideas, added Pavlov.