In Russia there was an electronic map of cemeteries

In Russia there was an electronic map of cemeteries, where you can find the burial place of a man by his name and years of life. On Thursday, may 11, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“The idea that was not only the most complete database of burial, but also the ability to chart the exact route. On the website there will be the usual cemetery, and the memorials and military burial. All of the data we collect, and check manually for a few months managed to fully “digitize” Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region”, — the newspaper quoted Maxim Loganberry, General Director of the company “Raskladushka” involved in the project.

It is noted that Roskomnadzor gave the company permission to process personal data. On the website you cannot view a list of all the graves, and to find information about a particular person, you need to enter into the search form of his surname, name and patronymic, date of birth and date of death. The burial place can be seen on the map.

The material indicated that the site also will be advertising different services at the funeral and the opportunity to enjoy the “support” of burial (e.g., care).

According to the newspaper, the initiative to “digitize” cemeteries in July 2016 was made by the Ministry of construction of Russia. The pilot project was to be launched in early 2017, but was never launched because the Ministry was unable to immediately comment on the progress, indicated in the material.