From Seoul Barista turned coffee into art

From Seoul Barista turned coffee into art

Barista from South Korea came up with a way to make coffee art. It creates not just drawings the foam-on-foam, and masterpieces in color. One unknown is how to drink a coffee?

Kanban Lee lives in Seoul and works in the coffee shop C. Through, where coffee brews and decorates it with colored drawings on the skin.

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His “method” he calls Cremart, pictures of the most successful works puts in Instagram. Recently Canbin said about a Bored Panda.

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It seems that the Korean Barista can draw you anything you want — from cute animals to beautiful scenery, even the reproduction of paintings by van Gogh and Degas.

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Netizens who appreciated the work of baristas, leave comments, the meaning of which boils down to: unless someone has the guts to destroy such masterpieces by drinking coffee?

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