Bloomberg named the most highly paid top managers of the world

Bloomberg named the most highly paid top managers of the world

The rating of the most highly paid top managers of 2016 according to Bloomberg led by the founder mark ENT. This contributed to the transaction for the sale of the startup world largest retailer Walmart.

Bloomberg published a ranking of the highest paid top managers in the world. The first place with the big separation was occupied by the President and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U. S., founder mark ENT.

According to Bloomberg, in 2016, his earnings amounted to $236 million, of which $235 million it received through the sale of the retailer Walmart. This transaction became the largest in U.S. history, buying a startup on the e-Commerce market. After the sale ENT got a leading position in the e-Commerce division of Walmart. Laura wages amounted to $346 thousand

Second place went to the CEO of Apple Tim cook earned for the year of $150 million Most of this money — $141 million — the top Manager earned on shares of the company. Over the past year, cook’s salary was about $3 million.

On the third place in rating Bloomberg was a former Vice President of Goldman Sachs, and now Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evercore Partners Inc. John Weinberg. He earned almost $124 million

In fourth place — the General Director of Google Inc (parent company Google) Sundar Pichai. His income over the past year to $106.5 million, of which $650 million — a fee of $105.4 million and the income from the shares.

The top five most expensive top-managers closes the CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk, earned $99.7 million, while the rest of the earnings came in the prize.

Next in the ranking CEO of IBM Ginny, Rometty ($96.7 m), Caesars Acquisition CEO Mitch Garber (us$91.1 mn), former CEO of Viacom Philippe Dauman ($87,8 million), Executive Director of CBS Corporation Leslie Munus ($83.6 million) and CEO of Gamco Investors Inc. Mario Gabelli ($75.9 million).