Assad likened the policies of Western countries to the Nazi terror

Bashar Al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that some Western countries want to establish world domination, the Nazis during the Second world war, and terror is both a tool and the result of such a policy. Assad gave an interview to the Belarusian TV channel ONT, full version of which is published on Thursday, may 11.

Now it is important to understand that the ideology behind the terrorism, says Assad. He drew a parallel with Nazism, stressing that the Syrian people are waging war not only against the terrorists in Syria.

“What would the Nazis? Hegemony and domination over the whole world, the rest of the people were not even taken into account (…). Terror is just a tool for some Western countries. They want to establish the same world domination as the Nazis at the time, enslaving peoples and whole countries… So the terror is both a tool and the result of this policy,” — said the Syrian leader.

Responding to a reporter’s question about Syria established in areas of de-escalation, Assad noted the effectiveness of this initiative. According to him, earlier attempts at a peaceful settlement did not give the desired effect “due to the intervention of some countries, which contributed to the growth of military escalation”, but now “any escalation is doomed to failure” because “the Syrian and the Russian armed forces with the support of Iran and Hezbollah will strike at any movement of terrorists who attempt to violate the agreement to these areas.”

On may 6, the Russian foreign Ministry published the text of the Memorandum on the establishment of a de-escalation in Syria, signed in Astana on may 4. According to the document, the zones will be created in the province of Idlib, in areas of Latakia, Aleppo and Hama; in the North of HOMS province; in Eastern ghouta, on the South of Syria — the provinces of Deraa and Quneitra. In these areas, is located on the line of contact of the governmental and opposition forces must cease hostilities. Along the boundaries of zones created de-escalate the security strip.