Why actually canceled aerial part of the Victory Parade


RIA Novosti

Due to abnormal weather conditions the aircraft did not participate in the aerial part of the Victory Parade. The span of the aircraft was cancelled a second time in the history of parades. The first was on June 24, 1945, when planes are unable to lift into the air due to heavy downpour. “MK” asked a military expert Viktor Murakhovski for some reason canceled the air show and exactly who can make such a decision.

To cancel the air part of the parade only under the most adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, on may 9 in Moscow, the weather was more like late autumn. Heavy low clouds, rain and snow, gusty wind. Despite the fact that from the evening of 8 may, the air force tried to disperse the clouds over Moscow, these attempts ended unsuccessfully.

According to Murakhovsky, meteorological conditions were extremely unfavorable, and for flights over Moscow are quite serious limitations on the lower cloud cover and visibility.

– It is clear that in the first place was the safety. Of course our aircraft are all weather and can solve combat tasks in the most abnormal conditions., – said murakhovski. — However, we must understand that flights over the city, especially in the front air builds need good weather conditions.

According to Murakhovsky, to cancel the passage of air can the head of operations. During the parade in one of the towers of the Kremlin is equipped with a control room where the Director and oversees the actions of the aircraft. Planes and helicopters go to the original destination of the route with different airfields. The head of operations manages online. It relies not only on the data that is him with the GLONASS system, from military meteorologists, but also tracks the information coming from the pilots.

In order to make the decision to cancel flights there are several factors – says the expert. – A requirement is a visual visibility of the aircraft from the ground. Additionally, the pilots themselves need to see their colleagues in the air in low cloud. Also take into account the wind speed and gusts. Probably, these data conditions are not satisfied. Even if the aircraft flew over red square, everyone would have heard only the hum of machines.

According to him, the permissible limits of flying over red square aircraft tactical, long-range and military transport aviation is 300 metres away. Down below they have no right. Therefore, even if the aircraft flew, the audience would have heard only the drone of planes and helicopters.

According to witnesses, the attempt to span all still held. The aircraft took off from the airfield, and came to a collection point in the district of Tushino. However, getting the team turned around and returned to their airfields.