The British have developed a sliding salons for trains

The British have developed a sliding salons for trains

The British company 42 Technology has developed a system of adaptive interior for cars of railway trains.

According to the company, the new system operator will be able to change the layout inside the car by adding or reducing the number of seats for passengers. Thus it will be possible to make the cars universally.

In rail transport there is often a need to send a little more cargo, however all cargo bays are already occupied, and to place freight in passenger cars is impossible due to the lack of fastening systems. A new adaptive system, developed by 42 Technology, will provide additional cargo space in a passenger car.

The system is a series of two chairs and a table, mounted on special rails on the bottom walls of the car. Chairs and tables can move freely on these guide rails and be securely fixed. If necessary, the operator can lift the seats and firmly move them, freeing up additional space for special shelving for small loads.

‘Adaptable Carriage’ concept accommodates freight on passenger trains

— IRJ (@railjournal) may 8, 2017

Fastening guides for the new system can be installed in the cars of both steel and aluminum walls. Each row of seats and tables equipped with electrical actuators, thanks to which they can be joined by a team by a special panel. Displacement chairs or their placement on the field takes about three minutes.

The development of the new system was conducted over the last two years by order of the Committee of the railway safety and standards in the UK. As expected, tests of the new system on the Railways of great Britain will begin in the near future. When it can start a serial installation of the new system, is still unknown.

[email protected] Adaptable Carriage rail system ready for trials #membernews

— Cambridge Network (@CambNetwork) may 8, 2017

In February this year it became known that the British rail operator Rail Delivery Group has decided to gradually abandon the ordinary ticket passengers can use the services of transportation. It is expected that in the future passengers will be able to place on a platform on the prints of my fingers. This will allow to reduce time of passage and speed of transportation.

Rail Delivery Group believe that the passage of the fingerprint will be quite fast, since a passenger will only touch the sensor, without taking from her bag a card or a ticket. To register your fingerprints will be using a special smartphone app, which has already begun. The final appearance of the pass system is not yet defined.

Vasily Sychev