The authorities of St. Petersburg will change the General plan for the construction of trains to Pulkovo

The authorities of St.-Petersburg will make changes to the General plan of the city in terms of creating a line of the Express train from Vitebsky train station Pulkovo airport. On Wednesday, may 10, at the meeting of the regional government said the head of city Committee on town-planning and architecture Vladimir Grigoryev, reports “Interfax”.

The government of Petersburg has approved adjustments, he said. The draft amendments will be submitted for approval by the Legislature.

“According to preliminary estimates, the cost of the project will be about 24 billion rubles. The project will be implemented through public-private partnership”, — said Grigoriev.

In March the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin said that the construction of the line Express in St. Petersburg will begin no later than the third quarter of 2018. He said that in accordance with the “road map” this year, the investment Committee will develop the concept of the project of Aeroexpress, and then there will be changes in the master plan of the municipality and rules of land use and development.

It is noted that the time of the journey from Vitebsky station to Pulkovo will be 25 minutes.

On 10 February it was reported that Pulkovo was recognized as the best among the largest Russian airports with passenger traffic of more than 10 million people a year and has received industry award “Air Gates of Russia”.

In January 2011 the authorities of St. Petersburg announced the creation by 2013 of railway traffic between the Baltic railway station and Pulkovo.