“Syrian democratic forces,” said about the capture of Tabka

Fighter “Syrian democratic forces”

The Alliance of Kurdish and Arab Syrian groups known as the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), took control of the city Tabka in the North and the dam next to him. About it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the movement.

The release of Tabka was made possible thanks to the support from the air, which the soldiers of the SDF has an international coalition led by the US and American special forces.

Tabka, located on the banks of the river Euphrates, located 40 kilometres from the “capital” of the IG (“Islamic state” banned in Russia) in Syria — raqqa. The city under the control of the terrorists since 2013.

22 March, the media reported that in the province of raqqa were planted American troops. The purpose of the operation — the capture of Tabka adjacent Saur dam. This will allow the troops to join the main forces SDF and begin the assault on Raqqa.