“Sorrow and condemnation”: Posner commented on the transfer of Isaac ROC


RIA Novosti

Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner spoke on the topic of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). Answering the question as it relates to this issue, Posner admitted, with mixed feelings. “But all these feelings are negative: it is a disappointment, irritation and condemnation,” – said the journalist.

According to Posner, which is reproduced on his official website, the transmission having the status of Cathedral Museum of the Church despite the protests of citizens testify to the increasing power of the Russian Orthodox Church and the willingness of the authorities to meet. This leads to the fact that the Constitution is gradually “eaten off” position on the secular state, says the presenter.

The argument of “the temple must be the temple” Posner repeatedly called himself an atheist, finds questionable. “You can go far: the fortress needs to be a fortress (to give all the buildings, originally built for defense purposes, the Ministry of defence), the palaces should be palaces (not museums)”, – he illustrated his idea.

In the history of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church, Posner sees proof that both the government and the ROC have little interest in people’s opinions.

Earlier it became known about the resignation of the Director of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Nikolay Burov, who criticized the transmission of the entrusted it to the Museum of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. Also in the media appeared information that the rector of St. Isaac’s Cathedral can become the Patriarch.