Putin proposed to introduce a tax on small families

Continued: Mizulina called the tax on small families provocation

In Russia suggested to impose a tax on small families. The relevant paragraph is contained in the concept of the Federal law “On the status of families with many children”, directed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The document was developed by the Director of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov, according to “Izvestia”.

The tax should be levied on families with one child and not having children not for medical reasons. The amount of the levy has not been determined.

The document proposes a number of other measures to support large families. In particular, it is assumed to equate the activities in the education of children to seniority. It is also planned to give to large families the right to free land with utilities and set monthly payments in the amount of from 25 to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the number of children.

In document a large family is defined as “a complete family except the death of one of the spouses with three or more children (the youngest must be at least 18 years of age)”. It is clarified that at present in Russia those families, 6.5 percent. They raise about 20 percent of all children in the country.

In April, Deputy Chairman of Moscow city Council Nikolay Gubenko has proposed to impose a capital tax on childlessness for the wealthy. “Let it be pennies, but those pennies will be spent on milosrdnych family members on the needs of large families,” — he explained.

In the USSR from 1941 until the collapse of the Soviet Union there was “the tax on bachelors, singles and small families of citizens.” Childless men from 20 till 50 years and childless married women from 20 to 45 years were obliged to pay six percent of salary to the state. The exception was made only for those who could not have children for health reasons.