Participating in the parade rehearsal aircraft fully ready for may 9


RIA Novosti

All aircraft VKS RF, took part in the General rehearsal of the parade, went back to the airfields and are ready for the Day of Victory, the journalists said the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

“The crew of the aerospace defence forces took part in the dress rehearsal of parade on red square. Successfully completing a pass over Moscow, planes and helicopters landed on the airfields of temporary basing and ready for Victory Day”, — told in the defense Ministry.

In the defense Ministry stressed that all aircraft participating in the Victory parade passed all the necessary inspections and technical regulations. “The engineering team strictly monitors their health and willingness to rise”, — noted in the defense Ministry.

The flight crews of the army, long-range, military transport and tactical aircraft over Moscow takes place at altitudes from 150 to 500 meters and at speeds 200 to 500 kilometers per hour.

This year the military parade was attended by 72 of the crew. Over red square fly strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-95MS long-range bombers Tu-22M3 bombers, tanker aircraft Il-78 military transport aircraft an-124, Il-76MD, the su-35S, su-30SM, su-27, MiG-29, MiG-31BM, frontline bombers su-34, su-24M, su-25, uchebno-warplanes the Yak-130 and helicopters Mi-26, Mi-8AMTSH, Mi-28N, Ka-52, Mi-35M. To fly aircraft HQs at the parade involved eight airfields in the Moscow, Tver, Bryansk, Saratov, Kaluga, Voronezh, Lipetsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions.

Open air part of the parade will be the Mi-26 and Mi-8, the group of the parade of the crews of long-range aircraft Il-78 and Tu-160 will perform a simulated refueling, the pilots of the Lipetsk aviation center fly in the “tactical wing” of the 10 su-35S, su-34 and su-27. For the first time in the “Cuban diamond” crews aerobatic team “Russian Knights” will perform a flight on the su-30CM.