Lithuania will be built on the border with Russia fence 45 km

Lithuania will be built on the border with Russia fence 45 km

For this purpose the budget allocated €1,335 million.

VILNIUS, may 10. /Offset. TASS Vladimir Ivanov/. The construction of a fence on the border with the Kaliningrad oblast of the Russian Federation with a length of 45 km will cost Lithuania €1,335 million As reported by the Service protection of the state border of the Baltic Republic, a contract for the same amount signed with the contractor for the work.

“Necessary for the construction funds are allocated from the state budget”, — said the Agency.

According to the plan, the fence must be erected before the end of this year

On the land border with the Kaliningrad region Lithuania decided to build the wire fence the height of two meters with additional electronic control. “The boom will appear at the site of the convergence of the borders of Lithuania, Poland and Russia about lake Vistytis (vishtynetskoye lake) and will run through the territory of Lithuania. Vilkavisski and areas to the Neman”, — said the border guard.

Length of the Lithuanian-Russian border (Lithuania borders only with the Kaliningrad region) is 294,4 km, of which of 253.7 km are on land and inland waters, 18,5 km in the Curonian lagoon and 22.2 km in the Baltic sea. Assessment of border guards, the most problematic area is more than 130 km.

The Department believes that as a result of the construction boom will be improved protection of the state border of Lithuania and external borders of the EU, which are the borders of the Baltic States with Belarus and Russia.