In the Scenarios evaluated the influence of the “Russian trace” to the resignation of the head of the FBI

Konstantin Kosachev

American President Donald trump said his opponents, dismissing the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) James Komi, the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. His words leads to “Interfax” on Wednesday, may 10.

The decree of the Republican can be considered retaliatory “given how many people from his own team have already dropped out under pressure from the opposition,” said the Senator. He stressed that “Russian trace” can be the main reason for the resignation of James Comey.

The MP reminded that the head of the FBI was investigating alleged Russian intervention in elections in the United States, as well as the relationship of the environment of the President of the country with Moscow. However, Komi a month before the presidential election announced the resumption of the investigation of the leak of the official correspondence of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that took place in her tenure as Secretary of state, said Kosachev. “Fire him, essentially because he’s too deep “digging” under Clinton and is not engaged in business and politics,” he concluded.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that Donald trump fired James Comey, head of FBI in 2013. The White house said that he abused the authority closed a case against Clinton. James Komi first found this information to be “quite a good season.”

On may 3, the now former Director of the FBI said that Russia is “the greatest threat among the Nations of the Earth” for democracy and accused her of meddling in American politics. Press Secretary of the administration of Washington Sean Spicer, then, in turn, stressed that this is the view of the Department. The Kremlin appealed to his comment.