Icelanders started production of electricity from volcanoes

Icelanders started production of electricity from volcanoes

Energy company HS Orka started mining pure energy from Iceland’s volcanoes. About it reports The Independent.

HS Orka has drilled almost five kilometres of wells near the geothermal lake, the Blue lagoon on the Reykjanes Peninsula. In case of success of the pilot project, the volcanoes can give ten times more energy than conventional gas or oil well. It is noted that the electricity will be generated from heat stored in volcanic areas.

“For the supply of electricity and hot water for a city like Reykjavik, with a population of 212 thousand people, we need 30-35 conventional high-temperature wells, but only three or five wells that we’re drilling now,” — said the project author albert Albertsson.

Iceland is a pioneer in the development of geothermal energy, and 85% of the energy the country gets from renewable sources. If the new project is successful, Iceland will be able to sell renewable energy to the UK and other European countries via a subsea cable.