Fox News reports about sending Russian artillery in Syria

Fox News reports about sending Russian artillery in Syria

Russia last week moved to Syria at least 21 howitzer M-30 in military aid to the Syrian authorities. On it informs TV channel Fox News, citing Pentagon sources.

According to sources, howitzers were delivered on a cargo ship in the port of Tartus. Citing satellite data, the channel also announces the discovery in Syria of Russian aircraft airborne early warning and control A-50.

In addition, Fox News reports that the Russian military in Syria will soon receive an additional batch of shells for anti-aircraft missile system s-400.

A few days ago the Russian foreign Ministry published the official text of the Memorandum on the establishment of a de-escalation in Syria. The document consists of six points, was signed by the participants of the Syrian peace talks — Russia, Iran and Turkey during the meeting in Astana on 4 may. After that, Russia introduced a UN security Council draft resolution in support of the Memorandum.