During the salute in Chelyabinsk, a shell hit the crowd of spectators

In Chelyabinsk, the police checks the information about the damage to the car crashing into the crowd by a projectile fireworks, launched may 9 in honor of Victory Day, reports “Interfax”.

In the management of the Affairs of the city said that no information on casualties.

The mayor of Chelyabinsk Evgeny Teftelev at the meeting said that complaints to the police and to doctors about exploded in the crowd the pyrotechnics was received, according to Ura.ru.

Previously in the group “Region-74. Chelyabinsk” in “Vkontakte” reported that during the final volleys of the city salute one of the shells fell under a parked car and exploded. According to witnesses, several people were stunned and shell-shocked and suffered minor injuries and bruises. The car was damaged boot lid and rear bumper.

In may 2016, during the celebration of city day in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region during the fireworks one of the shells of the fireworks fell into the crowd and exploded, triggering panic and a stampede. In the result of incident killed an elderly woman, six more people were injured.