Called Makron gay boy Danish policy was accused of homophobia

Søren Krarup

Danish pastor, former member of Parliament Serena Krarup (Søren Krarup) was accused of homophobia because of the sharp statements against the elected President of France Emmanuel Makron. On Wednesday, may 10, reports The Local.

The politician made offensive remark, commenting on the results of the elections in the Fifth Republic during the debates. He stated that he did not know the losing candidate, far-right politician marine Le Pen, but would have voted for it. “I’d give her my voice for lack of a better alternative. I would never vote for this little cute boy gay” he said, referring to the Makron.

In response to the leading question, Krarup said that they would use a softer expression, but the right words are hard to find in the circumstances of the dispute. “I would call it obedient sokolnicka,” admitted 79-year-old politician. Later, commenting on the incident, he explained that to the fans of same-sex love is without sympathy.

May 7, France was the second round of presidential elections. Makron got 66.1 percent of the votes, while his rival, the representative of the “National front” marine Le Pen — 33.9 percent, reports BFMTV. Three million French people in protest have voted with a blank ballot, and one million of their spoil.