Unknown in Chicago fired at participants of the funeral ceremony

In Chicago, two unknown men opened fire with rifles at a funeral ceremony held in Brighton Park, according to ABC News. Two people died, eight were injured and were taken to hospital, their condition was not known.

Who had gathered on may 7 to honor the memory of a man killed in gang warfare in the morning. Chicago police assumes that the shooting could be a revenge for the killing of some other member of the criminal gang.

27 January 2017 the President of the United States Donald trump has promised to deal with the crime situation in Chicago, as the situation, in his view, is out of control. He threatened to send in the Federal city representatives, if the local authorities can not cope with the rampant crime on their own.

The crime situation in Chicago in recent years is deteriorating. According to CNN, in 2016, there have been 762 murders — the highest rate in 19 years. While it was 3.5 thousand incidents connected with the shooting, which injured 4.3 thousand people. In 2015 to Chicago victims of gangs became 480 inhabitants.