United Airlines sent a passenger in San Francisco instead of Paris

United Airlines sent a passenger in San Francisco instead of Paris

MOSCOW, may 9 — RIA Novosti. American United Airlines apologized to a passenger Behatokia Lucy (Lucie Bahetoukilae) that the fault of the airline flew in the wrong direction for almost five thousand kilometers, writes the Daily Mail.

The woman had to take a flight from the American city of Newark (new Jersey) to Paris, but shortly before departure the gate number changed and Lucy boarded a flight to San Francisco, the newspaper reports.

The announcement about the changes was made at the airport in English, which Lucy does not know, while a similar alert in her native French sound. The e-mail alert the airline also sent, notes Daily Mail.

Already on Board and Lucy found that her seat is taken. She showed the boarding pass to the stewardess, but she did not pay attention to flight details and suggested the woman to take another place.

As a result, the woman flew almost five thousand kilometers in the wrong direction. To reach Paris, she had to spend in the way 28 hours

Eventually, United Airlines compensated the passenger the cost of a ticket to Paris.

Earlier it was reported that the flight United Airlines forcibly removed passenger David Tao after he refused to leave the plane to make room for airline employees. It turned out that the flight has sold more tickets than were seats on the plane. In addition, United Airlines will not be allowed to Board two girls because they were wearing leggings. The girls had to change.