The U.S. Ambassador in Moscow called on the Russians and Americans to unite

The U.S. Ambassador in Moscow called on the Russians and Americans to unite

U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Tefft said that the annual campaign “Immortal regiment” will forever remain in his memory. Such actions are important, however don’t forget what the previous generation gave their lives.

“Seeing tens of thousands of Russians coming under the gaze of so many departed heroes, remember that any losses in the cost of the Second world war, and especially the high price paid by the peoples of the Soviet Union,” wrote Tefft on his page in LiveJournal.

The Ambassador stressed that the citizens of the USA and the USSR fought in the Second world war not only “for your home and family”, but also for the free democratic world, based on international law

Tefft urged the Russians and Americans work together to build such a world for example, “fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers” and overcome the ideological differences between the two countries.

The action “Immortal regiment” was held today in the cities of Russia and other countries in Moscow, the procession was joined by President Vladimir Putin. According to the interior Ministry in the capital of Russia the event was attended by 750 thousand people.

For the first time the “Immortal regiment” was held in Tomsk in 2012, then it began to be held in other cities of Russia and abroad. The participants of the processions through their towns, carrying photos of relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war.