The Governor of Jakarta received two years in prison for blasphemy

Basuki Purnama Of Tjahaja

Governor of Jakarta Basuki Purnama of Tjahaja found guilty in the actions that offend the feelings of believers-Muslims and sentenced to two years in prison. This decision was made on Tuesday, may 9, the court in the Indonesian capital, reports Reuters.

“Was legally and convincingly established that Purnama committed the criminal act of blasphemy, and therefore, we sentenced him to two years imprisonment,” — said the chief judge, Diarso Wake Santiato.

As noted, the trial against the Governor is a Christian and ethnic Chinese attracted the attention of the General public as “test” for tolerance among the world’s largest nation, whose members predominantly practice Islam.

TASS reported that the prosecution demanded a sentence of one year imprisonment. In Indonesia, for insulting the feelings of believers faces up to five years in prison.

In September last year during the election campaign Purnama made statements that many Muslims considered blasphemous. In particular, he accused his opponents is that they refer to a certain Sura of the Koran, which says that Muslim should not choose their leaders from among non-Muslims.

Later the politician apologized for his words. However, his words sparked outrage from both radical and moderate Muslims. In Jakarta held a protest against the Governor, which was attended by thousands of people.

Purnama took office in 2014, after former Governor Joko Widodo became President of Indonesia. He became the first representative of the Chinese ethnic minority and the first Muslim, who became Governor.