Military aircraft of the United States and Sweden conducted a reconnaissance of the Russian borders

Military aircraft of the United States and Sweden conducted a reconnaissance of the Russian borders

The reconnaissance aircraft was spotted over the Baltic sea near the Kaliningrad region.

Moscow. May 9. INTERFAX.RU — US air force Aircraft and Sweden in the 72th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war organized a joint intelligence operation near the borders of the Kaliningrad region, according to data from the Western sites that track flights of military aircraft.

According to them, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the U.S. air force RC-135W tail number and call sign 62-4139 FEVER51 taking off from an air base Mildenhall in the United Kingdom, made the approach to the Kaliningrad region from Poland. About three o’clock he conducted electronic reconnaissance along the southern borders of the region, while in the Polish airspace at a height of 9.4 thousand meters, as well as over the Baltic sea to the West of the Baltic, where the Russian naval base.

At times, the scout was close to Russian shores to a distance of 70-80 km

At the same time from the sea to the Russian coast in the South of the Baltic sea flew a reconnaissance plane of the Swedish air force Gulfstream 4 with tail number and call sign 102002 SVF622, rising from the base of Melman, which is located near the city of linköping. The Swedish aircraft have traditionally been on a reconnaissance mission along the coast of the Kaliningrad region by elongated ellipse, being at a height of approximately 13 thousand meters above international waters of the Baltic sea.

After departure from the UK the flight route of U.S. intelligence passed over the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

On the eve of the patrol anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon tail number and call sign 168440 PS086 taking off from an airbase in Sicily, carried out exploration near the southern coast of Crimea.

Over the past year dramatically increased the intensity of the flights of American reconnaissance aircraft near the Russian borders, particularly in the Baltic and near the coast of the Crimea, Russian bases in Syria and the areas of deployment of combat ships of the Russian Navy in the Eastern Mediterranean. Recorded almost daily up to two to three and more such flights.