Media reported the US plans to increase troops in Afghanistan

Advisers to the President of the United States Donald trump’s offer to change the strategy of the us military campaign in Afghanistan, increasing the military contingent in the country at three thousand people and expanding the powers of the Pentagon’s air strikes on the Taliban. This was reported by the newspaper The Washington Post on Monday, 8 may.

The sources said that the current 8.4 thousand soldiers in Afghanistan, it is proposed to add at least another three thousand. In addition, if the project is approved, Pentagon officials themselves will determine the number located in the country American military.

Introduced by the previous administration of President Barack Obama’s restrictions on actions in the combat zones of military advisers from the US advisers trump’s offer to cancel.

In addition, the Pentagon will be able to obtain expanded powers in the use of aircraft against the banned in Russia “Taliban.”

The author of the project became the assistant to the President for homeland security Herbert McMaster. Trump has not yet expressed their support. At the same time, according to WP, in the White house and opponents of pressure on the Taliban to force the leaders of the movement to sit down at the negotiating table.

27 April it was reported that the Pentagon confirmed the extension of the powers of the office to increase the number of American troops in Iraq and Syria.

In February 2017, the commander of us forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson demanded that Congress strengthen a few thousand man contingent deployed in Afghanistan. Currently in Afghanistan there are about 8.5 thousand American military.