Media: Obama warned trump not to hire General Flynn

Media: Obama warned trump not to hire General Flynn

WASHINGTON, may 8 — RIA Novosti. Former US President Barack Obama warned his successor Donald trump that he should not take a job in his administration General Michael Flynn, reports channel NBC.

Lieutenant General Flynn, in 2012-2014, he held the position of chief of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense, and from 20 January to 13 February 2017 was the national security adviser of the US President. He resigned amid charges that do not fully disclose the content of their conversations with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak held at the end of December 2016.

According to the channel, Obama warned trump that he should not take on the work of Flynn during their first meeting, which took place in the oval office of the White house two days after the election on 8 November. According to NBC, it’s not part of any “Russian bonds” for a General.

The Obama administration fired Flynn in 2014 as head of the Intelligence Directorate (Ministry of defense — ed.), largely due to poor leadership and character (Flynn).NBC

Media claimed, citing intelligence that Flynn was discussing with dubious the possible lifting of US sanctions against Russia. Flynn denied it. The Kremlin said that the conversation Flynn and Kislyak took place, but its content is conveyed correctly.

After the resignation of Flynn congressional committees and the Pentagon began to check the reports that Flynn received during his visit to Russia in 2015, the fees from the Russian companies — it to him as a bearer of secrets and the recent senior military required the approval in the United States. Attorney Flynn stated that he briefed the US intelligence services about their trip before and after a visit to Moscow.

After the departure of Flynn from his post as us media reported that he previously was registered with the Ministry of justice as “foreign agent” and represented the interests of Turkey.