In Venezuela, the guards threw the shelter teargas

National guardsmen threw tear-gas grenades to a shelter for children and the elderly in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo. According to El Nacional, the incident occurred on the afternoon of Monday, may 8.

According to the publication, as a result of the actions of the security forces injured several children. Accurate data on the number of victims is not given. It is noted that the gas was sprayed once in the orphanage tried to hide some of the anti-government demonstrations.

Associated Press for its part reports that due to the confrontation between the demonstrators and security forces have been evacuated hundreds of residents of Maracaibo. Tear gas was used not only near the shelter, but near houses, schools and hospitals.

Recently in Venezuela, worsened the political crisis. Dissatisfied with the economic situation the country’s inhabitants take to the streets demanding the appointment of early elections. Tensions increased significantly after the beginning of April the Supreme court ruled to severely limit the power of opposition in the National Assembly. The decision sparked protests and was soon cancelled, however, the situation is not corrected. According to recent reports, the victims of the riots were 38 people, and at least 750 injured.